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Winter Sports

Volume 2, Issue 1(S); January 2021

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2021: Full Version 


The Efficiency of Dynamic vs. General Exercise for Posture Control Dealing with Low Back Pain

Michael Mendoza & MinHyuk Kwon


The Effect of Hand-Held Technology on Thumb Biomechanics

Charisma Byrd & MinHyuk Kwon

Exercise Physiology

Association Between Adiposity and Muscular Strength in Healthy Adult

Ethan Clark, Dorin Drignei, & Elise Brown

Exercise Physiology

Effects of a 12-Week Lifestyle Intervention on Novel Biomarkers for Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in Obese Latino Youth

Jared Rosenberg, Armando Peña, Gabriel Q. Shaibi, & Joon Young Kim

Exercise Physiology

The Effect of Stride Frequency on Running Economy and Running Distance During High Intensity Treadmill Running

Boram Lim & Young Sub Kwon

Exercise Physiology

Potential Mechanisms of Overtraining

Jeremy Park, Lorin Elizabeth, & Joon Young Kim

Health Fitness

Assessing How “Exercise Is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC)” Movement is Operationalized at Campuses

Bryson Long & Young Sub Kwon

Health Fitness

The Association Between Balance and Muscular Strength in Healthy Young Adults

Mariah Gleeson, Mathew Mallet, & Elise Brown

Medicine & Sports Medicine

Sustainable Mobility Promotion During COVID-19

Hyunzu Kim & Kwang Wook Koh

Medicine & Sports Medicine

Escalating Risk of Metabolic Syndrome Imparted by Salivary Biomarker in Obese Children

Lorin E. Donovan, Elizabeth Janowitz, & Joon Young Kim

Public Health

A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Physical Activity on Depressive Symptoms: Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meungguk Park & Simon M. Pack

Public Health

Re-Establishment of Health for Professionals in Higher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Using Professors in an HIS As an Example

Perre Lu

Sports Nutrition

The Effects of 2-Week 16:8-Hour Intermittent Fasting on Body Composition: Case Study

Pietro Weaver, Alexander Zeizinger, Peter Vu, Hayden West, & Soon-Mi Choi

Sport Pedagogy

Non-Physical Education Major Collegiate Students’ Experiences and Changes in Sport Education Model

Boung Jin Kang & Minhyun Kim

Sport Pedagogy

The Impact of PE Teachers’ Leadership on Middle School Students

Minhyun Kim, Hyeonho Yu, & Boung Jin Kang

Sport Administration, Governance, & Policy

Factors Influencing Intern Performance and Employability in Sport Management: A Voice from Internship Site Supervisors

Simon M. Pack

Sport Business, Marketing, & Management

Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Sporting Goods Consumption Behavior of Chinese College Students

Lihua Yu & Eung-Soo Oh

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